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Our Tutors


Anyone can learn to draw
- Jill McIntosh

Jill is an artist who studied Fine Arts, majoring in Printmaking at the University of Canterbury. She finished with an Honours year and later returned to Elam School of Fine Arts where she completed her Masters of Fine Arts in 2007. Jill set up the Printworkshop at the Wellington Arts Centre and edited Contemporary New Zealand Prints.

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Artistry of Flowers 
- Tomoko Hirano

Tomoko has more than 35 years of floristry experience, including running her own floristry business, HanaClub NZ. Tomoko also gained a 3rd grade teaching qualification for Ikebana (Japanese floral arranging) in 2010 from the Sogetsu School.

Students completing Tomoko's course will learn basic floral arts and crafts skills, develop creative ideas using flowers and learn cross culture floral arts.


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ESOL: Everyday English 
- Judy O'Brien

Judy is a qualified English teacher with 16 years experience teaching a range of levels. She holds a Diploma in Language Teaching and the Cambridge CELTA qualification.

Judy's course covers a range of skills including speaking, writing, listening, reading, grammar and learning strategies. There is an emphasis on fluency and collaborative learning.

Comments from class participants



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French Intermediate

- Helen McKessar

Helen is a qualified teacher with over 25 years teaching experience in both primary and secondary schools. She is passionate about all things French, has studied French at University and has visited France and French-speaking countries several times.

The Conversation class focuses on speaking in French, interacting and learning together. Both spontaneous and studied conversational patterns are used, vocabulary is extended and aspects of French culture discussed. This class suits those who want to develop their confidence in using the language


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Hatha Yoga
- Lynn Oram

Lynn has been practising yoga since 1983, trained with the NZ International Yoga Teachers Association  in 1999-2000, and has been instructing yoga at Parnell and other community centres in the Eastern Bays area for over twelve years.

In Lynn's classes, participants will learn techniques for relaxation and de-stressing through focus on proper breathing, stretching, and strengthening.


Comments from class participants:

I am privileged and thrilled to have recently joined Lynn’s Yoga class. She is so thoroughly experienced in every aspect of Yoga. Our particular group of students presents a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and cultures but Lynn is always aware of each individual’s specific needs and abilities. Each weekly class includes different exercises, experiences and challenges. I personally can’t wait for Wednesday mornings to come round for the yoga and the friendly group atmosphere.”



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Italian, Beginners,
Post Beginners & Conversation
- Luisa Antonello

Luisa Antonello is an Italian teacher from the city of Padua. She has a degree in Foreign Languages from the University of Milan. In Italy she taught English to final year school students.

Luisa has extensive experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language. Since arriving in New Zealand she has been teaching Italian to students from beginners to university level. She is passionate about teaching. Her lessons are interactive and cover the skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. The courses will also introduce the students to different aspects of Italian culture.

Comments from class participants

“Luisa is a superb and professional tutor and has the ability to make everyone feel at ease and have a lot of fun”​


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- Rosie Wall

Rosie is an experienced musculo-skeletal physiotherapist and pilates instructor from the Parnell Physiotherapy Clinic. Her sound sports and spinal knowledge allows her to design a class to meet all individual needs, resulting in good muscle control, elasticity and postural balance.

Rosie states “ muscle elasticity and core strength are the absolute answer to injury repair and prevention, as well as performance improvement for all sports."

Comments from class participants

"Rosie is superb!"




- Aline Silva


Aline is a Portuguese teacher with more than 10 years’ teaching experience. A native Portuguese speaker, Aline has a Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literature with post-graduate degrees in Language Teaching and International Communication. Her engaged approach, methodology and dedication, enormously contribute to the improvement of students’ communication skills.

“I believe that learning a foreign language and other cultures is a rewarding experience that opens doors and minds. Língua é cultura. (Language is culture!)," she says.

Comments from class participants

“The lessons Aline gave us were invaluable, especially when it came to pronunciation.  I certainly was not shy at giving it a go in my trip to Brazil. Interestingly I was very confident at speaking and my wife could understand the answers so we made a good team."
“Aline is a very knowledgeable and dedicated teacher with effective tutoring techniques.”








Introduction to Tai Chi
& Qigong

- Bruno Rubini

Bruno is a qualified Coach and Massage Therapist. Born in South America, Bruno has over 30 years experience in the meditation disciplines of tai chi and archery.

He has been Auckland Coaching Director of Archery New Zealand and trained not only Olympic athletes but people in general who suffer from stress in their lives and are in great need to still the mind and find peace within.

Students will enjoy the simple movements of Tai Chi, will have more confidence in dealing with challenges in life and notice the immediate benefits it brings to the mind and body.

Comments from class participants

“Bruno is very patient and kind. It's a great class and we all enjoy the social contact apart from a good workout.” 

“Great tutor. Very knowledgeable.”

“Excellent, very inspiring, very knowledgeable and so patient in his teachings”






Beginner and Post-Beginner
- Rosario Delgado

Rosario is originally from Peru and has been teaching Spanish in New Zealand by private tuition and in small groups at all levels and all ages for more than five years. Rosario has strong competence in teaching Spanish for travel and business.

Comments from class participants

"So easy to enrol, great length and number of sessions, and the class moved forward very quickly so we weren't bored.”

 “Rosario is awesome, very kind, approachable, organised, many interesting stories, we all love her!”



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