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Super nutritious meals

Children at our three centres eat SuperMeals every day! They're Gold-standard Healthy Heart meals and they're so good, we're now selling them to Auckland parents as KidsHQ SuperMeals.

Our Chef and kitchen team create nutritious snacks and meals fresh every day - they're full of goodness, taste great and (surprise, surprise) the children just love them.

 We know that healthy meals are a really important factor for many parents when they're looking at child care centres. Parents are often amazed at the variety of healthy foods that children will eat and enjoy, including things they won't eat at home.

Meals at Parnell Trust's three centres are made from scratch without pre-made sauces, artificial colours or MSG, and they steer clear of processed foods. Seasonal fresh produce is emphasised and the children eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including produce grown at the Centre's own gardens.




Our weekly menus follow the Heart Foundation's nutritional guidelines to include two servings of dairy a day and two servings of red meat, one of fish, one of chicken and a vegetarian meal each week.

Morning and afternoon snacks are also nutritious and children are encouraged to explore new fruits and foods from an early age.

5+ A Day, Red Heart Day and cultural celebrations such as Matariki and Diwali are exciting events at our Centres where the children participate in themed activities and help prepare meals and snacks. In February 2017's Heart Foundation nationwide "Heart Day" celebrations, Parnell Early Childhood Centre was thrilled to be named Runner-Up for Healthiest Heart Day Kai. 



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* A range of KidsHQ SuperMeals based on our Centres' meals is now available for purchase in Auckland at and from a number of Parnell Trust locations. They're a hit with kids and adults too, especially seniors. Find out more about this part of Parnell Trust here.