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Growing healthy children

Parnell Trust's Green Kids Programme offers amazing health benefits. It's all about taking the very best care of our children and setting them up to be healthy for life!

At Parnell Trust, we believe that by promoting healthy eating and physical activity in our early childhood centres we have enormous potential to help children establish healthy patterns that can last a lifetime.

Good health habits learned during the formative years of early childhood can have a huge impact, not only on a child's wellbeing but also on their future health.

Parnell Trust's Green Kids Programme plays a core role in life and learning at Gladstone Park, Parnell and St Johns Early Childhood Centres. It builds on the Heart Foundation's Healthy Heart initiatives and encompasses healthy eating, physical activity, food and nutrition learning curriculum programmes and a commitment to extend these healthy messages into the wider community.

The programme was developed with the involvement of teaching staff, parents, whanau and children.

Parnell and Gladstone Park Early Childhood Centres are among only a few Auckland centres to have won the Heart Foundation's Pa-Harakeke Gold Standard Healthy Heart award SIX times - a huge achievement that recognises the healthy practices flourishing at our Centres.



Parnell Early Childhood Centre is now a three-time award winner. The Centre won its first Gold Healthy Heart Award in 2012. Winning it for a third time in February 2017 demonstrated the huge amount of work that our Chef and the kitchen and teaching teams continue to put into this amazing healthy living programme.

Here's what Ainslie Ballinger, NZ Heart Foundations ECE Programme Manager, had to say in her 2014 report after Parnell Early Childhood Centre won its second Gold Healthy Heart award:

Out of this world! The commitment, enthusiasm, creativity, diligence, understanding, positivity, generosity, inclusiveness and fun demonstrated by your staff is like no other. The way youve integrated the Healthy Heart Award into your ethos and day-to-day teaching is phenomenal. Fern - thank you for your leadership and passion. We'd like to clone you! Thank you so much for continuing to support the Heart Foundation. You should all be so incredibly proud of what you have achieved.