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We love our planet

Sustainable living is a key theme at Parnell Trust's Early Childhood Centres. It's part of our Green Kids Programme.

Vegetable and herb gardens at our Centres thrive, thanks to the kitchen, food and paper scraps that are recycled via our Worm Farms and Bokashi Bins. Children have first-hand experience in feeding our worms and using worm tea to fertilise the gardens.

Children are involved throughout the year with the lifecycle of our gardens. Learning activities include the children helping with our edible gardens planting new seasons fruits, vegetables and herbs; fertilising the growing plants with worm farm nutrients; harvesting what we grow and helping to prepare snacks and meals from our gardens produce.

Creative activities include recycling materials into decorations and art; and learning stories and projects include opportunities to broaden children's awareness of issues of sustainability and recycling. Visiting Council's Zero Waste Zone at the Waitakere Refuse and Recycling Centre helps further the children's knowledge and awareness of the concepts of sustainability - and is an eye-opener for parents accompanying us on this trip as well!


2016.07 PECC kids sort rubbish at Zero Waste Zone _ 569pxW.jpg

Parnell Early Childhood Centre children learn what sorts of "rubbish" can be recycled on a visit to Auckland Council's Zero Waste Zone