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Education Review Office Report 2019

St Johns Early Childhood Centre recieved its first ERO Report under management of Parnell Trust, in February 2019. The ERO assessed the centre as "well placed" to promote positive learning outcomes for children. The

The ERO's report includes observations and recommendations for its next review, which will be in three years time.

Review Findings

Children are happy and engaged in play. They are respected and cared for sensitively within the inclusive environment. Teachers know the children and their families well and together build positive and supportive relationships. They value children's home languages and backgrounds.

The head teacher successfully encourages open communication between staff and families. Parents who spoke to ERO appreciate the many opportunities they have to be involved in their children's learning and the approachability of staff.

The programme is child-led. Children choose their play and request assistance from teachers or independently access resources to extend their interest. Teachers could review the quality, variety and usefulness of the many resources offered in relation to children's interests, and consider creating and resourcing discrete learning areas. Children have access to a large, well-resourced outdoor space and a covered veranda. The outdoor area encourages physical development. Mixed-age play offers many opportunities for children to participate in tuakana/teina relationships.

Children's learning is individually planned for, and focuses on their learning dispositions and developing skills. Teachers assess and analyse children's learning and share outcomes with parents and children in portfolios of learning stories. ...

Read the full report here (pdf)





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