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Centre life

​Our Philosophy

Our aim at St Johns Early Childhood Centre is to provide an enriching environment where children and families feel valued, respected and empowered. We are committed to forming lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with whanau, the community and the planet, in accordance with the Treaty of Waitangi. We embrace all of our children, whanau and teaching team to form a warm, rich and diverse group of learners reflective of our community. 

We believe in the benefit of family/whanau working in partnership with staff to ensure their input is valued and their aspirations for their child are respected and fostered. 

We offer an emergent curriculum in line with Te Whariki (the National Early Childhood Framework of Aotearoa / New Zealand) that encourages and empowers children to learn holistically and through free play and alongside their peers and teachers. 

We believe in the importance of respect for our bodies, our peers, our teachers and our families as well as our environment and our planet Earth. This is promoted through our ongoing Green Kids Programme. 

We believe when an attitude of mutual respect is fostered, children are empowered to have confidence in their individual identity. Through building and maintaining positive and purposeful relationships, we are able to support individual learning and development and an emergent curriculum. 

We believe that every child is individual and acknowledge their strengths and interests by allowing them the time they need to explore, investigate and discover the wider world. 

At St Johns Early Childhood Centre we truly believe that children are confident and competent learners.  We encourage an environment of exploration, experimentation and calculated risk. While our teachers are here to support, encourage and scaffold we believe that children are the driving force in their own learning and in turn encourage learning for now and in the future.





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Teacher : Child ratios

Our teaching team includes qualifies teachers and is lead by Shital Jani, who brings a wealth of early childhood experience and specialised training including The Incredible Years programme.

We have a commitment to employ qualified teachers with a passion for working with young children, and we aim to better the Ministry of Education teacher : child ratios of 1:5 for children under two and 1:10 for children over two, especially during the busy times of the day. 


Healthy meals and snacks

Healthy eating is a key priority at Parnell Trust's centres. 

Every day, children at St Johns Early Childhood Centre eat heart-healthy meals prepared in Parnell Trust's commercial kitchen by trained cooks who hold Food Hygiene and Safety Certificates. Our meals are full of goodness, taste great and the children just love them.

Teachers prepare healthy morning and afternoon snacks for the children at the centre, and our kitchen team prepares nourishing and sustaining midday meals, made to Parnell Trust's Gold Healthy Heart award-winning recipes. This enables our teaching staff to focus on providing the best possible care for your children. All menus are published on the parent noticeboard at each centre.

Our heart-healthy meals are an important feature for many parents. In 2015, Parnell Trust launched KidsHQ SuperMeals, frozen meals made from the same recipes the children love to eat at our centres. They've been very popular with busy parents who don't always have the time to prepare healthy meals for their kids. Parents can buy the meals directly from our centres. 

Our centres cater for special dietary requirements, which parents can discuss with our Chef.




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Children's portfolios
Each child has their own portfolio and teachers contribute to these regularly. The portfolios build a picture of a child's development, and include photographs, notes from teachers about development and activities, and artwork completed by children during their day at the centre.

Parents are encouraged to regularly look through their child's portfolio, and they can also be taken home overnight to share with family. (Parents will soon have access to their child’s portfolio via our online Parent Portal.)



Communication with parents 

We know that you, as parents, are the most important people in your child's life, and we consider it a privilege to have a role in your child's life. By sharing your knowledge and understanding of your child, you'll enable us to get to know them better and help us support their development through appropriate learning opportunities.

We give parents daily activity updates so you know what your child has been doing with us and we can share their learnings with you. We are happy to send photos and messages to you via mobile phone apps so you can stay in touch during the day.

We encourage your enquires, requests, suggestions and concerns, and always have time to have a chat about your child's day. These communications are important to us because they help to establish a positive connection between home and childcare centre. We have notice boards, education information opportunities and family nights as part of our commitment to this partnership.



What parents say

Here's what parents have to say about St Johns Early Childhood Centre:

For parents who want to see what their child is doing at their new centre, our Head Teacher, Shital Jani, sends photos from her mobile phone.

Thank you very much for this, I'm so happy to see that and to know that Arthur is doing so well!! - Andrada, June 2017


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