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Parnell Community Centre - Parking, Public Transport & Disability Access  


Location and car access
Parnell Community Centre is located at 545 Parnell Road, Parnell. It sits within a complex of buildings known as the Foundation Precinct, which is bounded by Parnell Road, George Street and Titoki Streets. The Precinct and car parking areas can be accessed by vehicular entrances off each of these three streets/roads. A temporary car parking area at the corner of Parnell and Maunsell Roads has 14 spaces for Jubilee visitors and can be accessed from Maunsell Road.


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Earthquake Proofing Works in 2019
In the first half of 2019, the Community Centre's Jubilee Hall will undergo earthquake proofing. As a result there will be no access to the Centre from the rear of the building and a number of  car parks will not be available to visitors.

The ground floor toilets, not including the disabled toilet, will also be affected. Temporary toilets will be provided in the car parks behind the Parnell Library while repairs are in progress. Visitors to the Centre can also use the toilets located on the first floor of the Jubilee Building, located to the right from the top of the stairs.

During this period, Parnell Trust will be using the Blind Foundation's Recreation Centre as an alternative venue space, and for some social activities and classes.


Blind Foundation - Recreation Centre entrance

The Blind Foundation's Recreation Centre will be used as an alternative venue space in 2019 while the Jubilee Hall is earthquake proofed. The Centre is located behind the Jubilee Building. (See map below)

Car parking at Parnell Community Centre
Parnell Community Centre has 27 assigned car parks within the Foundation Precinct area. These are clearly marked "Jubilee Building". 

As a result of earthquake proofing ​works on the Jubilee Hall, a number of car parks at the rear of the hall will no longer be available in 2019. A temporary car park located at the corner of Maunsell and Parnell Roads (access from Maunsell Road) includes 14 car parks for Jubilee Building visitors during this period.

Parking is only for visitors to the Community Centre, including those attending functions in the Jubilee Building.

Parnell Library has three 30-minute car parks at the front / Parnell Road side of the Jubilee Building, and an accessible (disabled) car space, located in front of an access ramp to the building.

Other car parks in the Foundation Precinct area are for private use or assigned for customers of businesses in the Precinct, as noted. Cars not legitimately in any of these space may be towed away. ​


Unauthorised vehicles using car parks
As parking is at a premium in our area, we will tow away cars of people who have not registered their vehicle at Parnell Community Centre's Reception, located opposite the entrance the Parnell Library. 

Unauthorised cars in Jubilee Building car parks may be towed away or clamped by Amalgamated. Phone 09 360 1845 


Other car parking nearby
Auckland Museum offers paid parking in the Museum car park at the top of Maunsell Road. There are many Pay and Display car parks around the Auckland Domain and in neighbouring streets, however these fill quickly during business hours. Planned new bus lanes, to be implemented on Parnell Road in late 2018, will affect on-street parking during peak travel times.


Temporary car parking off Maunsell Road

In 2019, 14 temporary car parks are available for Jubilee Building Visitors at the corner of Parnell and Maunsell Roads. Enter via Maunsell Road. (See map below)

Parnell Community Centre Map - Changes to car parking and venue during Jubilee Hall earthquake proofing in 2019 



2019.02 Wayfing oto Recreation Centre and Temporary Toilets.png


Click to see map on Google Maps  or download a pdf of this map + detail of car parks

Public Transport access

Use the Moovit app on this page to find the best transport option for you or see Auckland Transport's Journey Planner at for bus and train schedules.


The three Link buses travel along Parnell Road between Auckland's CBD and fringe suburbs on a regular timetable. Get off at The Jubilee Building / Parnell Community Centre stop.

Parnell Community Centre is abut a 15 minute walk from both Newmarket (Western/Southern lines) and Grafton (Western line) Stations, although the walk from Newmarket is the easier, more level route to take.  Access from the new Parnell Station, located below Cheshire Street in Parnell, involves a steep climb either through The Domain (bush tracks only) or via Parnell Road to get to Parnell Community Centre. 


Disability access to the Jubilee Building

The Jubilee Building has entrances at the front of the building and rear accesses on either side of the Jubilee Hall.

Disabled access
While earthquake proofing work is being undertaken on the Jubilee Hall in 2019, there is one mobility ramp at the front of the building, close to an accessible (disabled) car space.

The building has one accessible (disabled) toilet on the ground floor, at the end of the front hall and to the right - close to the interior access to the Jubilee Hall.

The building has an elevator, located on the ground floor opposite the staircase.

For further information, see floor plans of the Jubilee Building.

Location Map