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Info for Parents and Carers

Parnell Trust’s Before and After School programmes provide a safe, stimulating and fun place for children to play with friends, do homework or simply relax and have fun.

Our Parnell programme is located two minutes walk from Parnell District School and is open to primary school children. Our Epsom programmes are run on site at participating schools.

Our Site Leaders work with a team of engaging Programme Assistants, who include student teachers. All our staff are Police-vetted and trained.

Parnell Trust Programmes for Children aims to exceed the safety standards and agreed codes of behaviour required by OSCAR and the Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Children. We are OSCAR accredited and able to provide WINZ  subsidies to qualifying families. 


What we do before school

The Before School Programme gives the children a chance to chill out before they begin a busy day at school. We provide indoor and outdoor games for them, and a healthy breakfast of cereal, fruit and hot chocolate. 


What we do after school

Our After School Programme has a structure that includes free play, themed indoor activities, quiet time and outside play. However, we do understand that the children have been at school all day and many of them will be tired, so we are flexible.

Outdoor Play
We try to get the children outside as much as possible on fine days and may put a movie on, if they are tired, or if it’s raining.

Quiet Time
We offer a period of quiet time. During this time, children can do any homework they may have been assigned, or they can read, or complete word searches or maths sheets that we provide, or colour in, etc.

Children can work on their homework during quiet time, however we do not force them to do homework during this time. Our staff ratio does not allow our team members to help children with their homework on a one-to-one basis. We firmly believe that it’s the parents’ final responsibility to ensure that their children have completed any homework required.

Afternoon Tea
Our afternoon snack menu is planned on a weekly basis and is designed to  be as varied and healthy as possible. Our menu, which is on display at each after school programme site, is made from the same NZ Heart Foundation choices that have won Parnell Trust’s Early Childhood Centres five gold Healthy Heart awards.

Before afternoon tea, we encourage children to eat what’s left in their lunchbox, however we don’t force children to eat. If your child doesn’t seem to have much appetite or is not eating, we will let you know. If your child doesn’t want to eat our afternoon tea, or has dietary requirements not covered in our menu, please pack them extra food in their lunchbox.



New location for children from Parnell Primary School from 2019

2018.01 Parnell ASP programme Glanville_school map 569px.png

Before and After School and School Holiday Programmes for Parnell primary school children are now located at 27 Glanville Terrace. 

Children enrolled in our Parnell After School Programme will join our "walking bus" from the soccer field entrance on St Stephens Avenue (see below). Before School Children will be walked to the school at 8.30am.

2018.01 _ PDS Walking Bus location 575pxW.jpg


Terms, Conditions and Policies

When you enrol your child, using the AimyPLUS Parent Portal, you will be required to click “Agree” to acknowledge that you have read and understood the Terms, Conditions and Policies below, and agree to abide by them.


Enrolment, via our AimyPLUS Parent Portal, creates a binding agreement regarding the care of your child between you and Parnell Trust. 
  • At the time of enrolment you will be required to pay two weeks fees in advance.
  • Fees are charged for Statutory/Public Holidays that fall on a school day.  The Advance Absence Notification Policy does not apply to Statutory/Public Holidays. (See Fees, Payments and Refunds below.)
  • Refunds will only be made if notices of absence / cancellation are received, in writing, by 1pm on the Thursday of the preceding week. (See Fees and Payments below.) 
  • A penalty charge of $1 per minute will be incurred when children are dropped off early or picked up late (outside enrolled hours). 

No surprises please, parents

Bookings are essential
Please do not send your children to our school programmes without first enrolling them on our aimyPLUS Parent Portal. Failure to enrol your child in advance means the number of children in our care may exceed our staff - student ratio, which puts a strain on our team and could lead to health and safety issues.


Attendance / Absence

Enrolled Attendance
If your child is enrolled for the day, we expect him/her to attend the programme, and a fee will be charged for that day.
If your child is not going to attend on a day you have a regular booking, please let our Administrator know beforehand ( or phone 09 555 5194). If you don’t do this, our staff will spend time trying to locate your child, including calling you to check where they are. This takes time away from our team’s job of looking after the children in our care.

Reporting Absence
If your child is not able to attend for any reason other than illness, advance notice of the absence is required, in writing. Refunds will only be made if notices of absence or cancellation are received by 1pm on the Thursday of the preceding week. Each absence must be separately advised. Absence notifications do not apply to Statutory/Public Holidays.

Before School Care Programme: If your child is unable to attend due to illness, you must notify Programme staff by leaving a message on the site’s 24-hour answer phone service by 7.15am. (See contact numbers below)

After School Care Programme: If your child is unable to attend due to illness, you must notify the site’s Programme staff before midday. Please phone our Administrator during office hours Phone: 09 555 5194. Staff will enact our Missing Child Policy if your child is absent without prior explanation or notice from a parent or caregiver. Please use the site’s 24-hour answer phone service after hours. (See contact numbers below). 

School 24-hour contact numbers / answer phone service:

Programmes for Children Administrator
Phone:  09 555 5194     Email:


Fees, Payments & Refunds

Our Adminstrator applies a sibling discount of 15% to additional children when you enrol more than one child in our Before and After School Programmes. Siblings must be booked on the same regular days each week to qualify for this discount. (Discount does not apply for Casual Bookings or the Before School Programme at Parnell District School.) 

Fees are charged based on enrolment, not attendance.

Fees are not refundable for absence as a result of sickness.

If your child is not able to attend for any reason other than illness, advance notice of the absence is required, in writing. Refunds will only be made if notices of absence or  cancellation are received by 1pm on the Thursday of the preceding week. Each absence must be separately advised. Absence notifications do not apply to Statutory/Public Holidays.

Fees are payable by the due date. Statements will be emailed at the beginning of each month. 

Credit is not available. Overdue fees not paid within the month they were incurred may be reviewed by management and may be handed over to a debt collection agency. The parent/caregiver will be liable to pay all expenses and costs (including legal costs, as between solicitor and client) in connection with Parnell Trust recovering or attempting to recover any overdue amount. Unpaid accounts may result in suspension from the programme.

Additional charges are made for early drop off /late pick up to/from the programme and for any dishonoured items.


Health and Safety

We adhere to the Parnell Trust Health and Safety Policy at all times. A copy of the policy is displayed at each site.

Authorised Pickups The aimyPLUS Parent Portal, under the Pickup Manager section, allows you to include details of people you consent to pick up your children and also anyone not authorised to pick up your child. Please advise us of any safety or custody issues that may affect your child's wellbeing and security. If there is a Protection Order or Custody Arrangement for a child, you must upload a PDF copy of the related legal document with this person’s details. You may also include instructions for any action you would want our staff to take in the event an unauthorised person comes to the school. 

Please detail any medical condition or allergies, or special dietary needs in the online enrolment form. Medicine will not be administered without a Medical Consent Form having first been completed by the parent/caregiver. Parnell Trust will not take responsibility for any medical, health or behavioural incidents that are the result of something that was not communicated at the time of enrolment.

In the event of an accident, the parent/guardian signing the Enrolment Contract authorises programme staff to obtain medical assistance as may be deemed necessary. Should your child need to be transported from the site in an emergency situation, the Transport Policy will be adhered to by staff. A copy is available on site for your perusal.

Our  Sun Safe Policy requires you to provide your child with his or her own named hat and sunscreen.

Ministry for Children Guidelines are followed should an allegation or suspicion of child abuse occur.


Relationships and Behaviour Guidance Policy

All children will be supported and respected while attending the programme. Behaviour management is exercised in a positive and firm manner. Programme staff receive training in the procedures of our behaviour guidance policy.

Personal Property

Staff can take no responsibility for loss or damage to children’s personal property.


Photography and Social Media

With your permission, Parnell Trust staff may photograph/film children in our programmes for communication and marketing purposes, including in email newsletters to parents, Parnell Trust’s website or Facebook page or Parnell Trust Programmes for Children Facebook page. No child will ever be personally identified / tagged.

Activity providers sometimes ask permission to use images or videos of the children and, if this occurs, permission will be requested from parents/caregivers before this is allowed.

By agreeing to these Terms, Conditions and Policies, the parent/caregiver gives consent for the above.  

Parents may decline to accept the above conditions for Photography and Social Media, by selecting “NO”  for “Allow photo tag for my child” – the last question asked in the Child Profile section of the aimyPLUS Parent Portal. (Parnell Trust was unable to alter this aimyPLUS’s wording in the Child Profile.). By selecting “NO” at this point, you will be agreeing to all other aspects of these Terms, Policies and Policies EXCEPT for Photography and Social Media.)



By enrolling your child, you agree to abide by the Policies, Terms and Conditions of Parnell Trust’s Before/After School Programmes. (Any changes to the Policies, Terms and Conditions will be notified to you.)

You acknowledge that Parnell Trust, or their management or staff, will not be liable for any loss or damage arising (by way of accident, injury, theft, or otherwise) out of attendance at the Before/After School Programmes.

You accept responsibility for any expenses incurred in obtaining treatment for your child in an emergency situation.

You give permission for your child to be taken to an alternative location (e.g. civil defence centre) in the event of an emergency situation and for your child to be transported in accordance with the Parnell Trust Transport Policy.


Privacy Act

Information collected will be used for the purpose of establishing and maintaining accurate records held by Parnell Trust. Parents can view and amend personal information and permissions at any time on our AimyPLUS Parent Portal using their personal log in details.

You have the right to request from Parnell Trust a copy of the information about you retained by Parnell Trust, and the right to request Parnell Trust correct any incorrect information about you we may hold. 


Your feedback is always welcome

Parnell Trust undertakes to adhere to its Complaints Procedure, a copy of which is available at all our sites. We also welcome your feedback and discussion of any issues you may wish to raise at any time. 

Managing a large group of children can sometimes be a challenge, especially as the children are often tired after their long day. Our programme team do their absolute best to ensure that your children are safe and happy while in our care. 

If you do have any concerns about your child or our programme, please do have a chat with our Site Team Leader. (Please be patient, as they may be busy.) Of course, we also love to hear your positive feedback too! We look forward to seeing you at your child’s school.

Contact Parnell Trust Programmes for Children
t: 09 555 5194