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Parents and kids love Parnell Trust's school holiday activities 


Here's what parents have to say about our holiday programme:


  • Great variety of entertainment for kids. Great exposure and learning while having fun. Good clean environment. Suitable hours for working parents. Very helpful and pleasant staff to interact with. My daughter is 5 years old and this was her first big school holiday. To find a holiday programme where she was happy to go for almost 4 weeks, the majority of them with no friend from school, was going to be a big ask. She looked forward to the events. She even wanted to go on days when we were at home with her. We will be going back there for next holidays. - Komai, Summer 2017/18 holidays


  • The kids had such a blast at this programme and are super keen to return next holidays. They thought the staff were amazing. I love that there’s a choice of activities for each day that you book. - Marina, Summer 2017/18 holidays
  • This is a very well run programme that I felt was safe and the staff were warm, approachable, fun and so helpful. Hannah, Summer 2017/18 holidays
  • A well-thought-through, engaging programme filled with fun and variety. - Marian, Summer 2017/18 holidays
  • Good hours, great activities, my kid loves it. - Kirsten, Summer 2017/18 holidays
  • I'd highly recommend this programme. My daughter had a great time and the staff are attentive - Angie, July 2017 holidays
  • What a great environment for kids! A light airy venue with engaged carers and fun activities for the kids. It's a great programme where you feel safe to leave your children. - Carmen, July 2017 holidays


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  • My son loves the holiday programme and keeps asking to attend more days! You can trust the caregivers to provide a fun and very safe environment - Helia, April 2017 holidays
  • On my son's first day there he was nervous, but the staff made him feel happy to be there straight away. Their interaction with my child was amazing - Parent, April 2017 holidays
  • The programme was highly recommended by other Mums. It was well organised with lots of different activities and a good ratio of teachers - Parent, April 2017 holidays
  • Parnell Trust has great staff who really care about the children. My daughter always has fun at the activities and loves the variety offered - Melanie,  April 2017 holidays
  • The Programme is well organised, good value for money, with a broad range of offerings. I feel that the staff are positive, caring and trustworthy to look after our precious kids - Becky, Summer 2016/17 holidays
  • You run a great programme.  We liked having the options for a clubhouse day or something more adventurous depending on how the kids were feeling.  Staff always said hi and seemed to genuinely enjoy being around the kids, even at the end of a long day!  We liked being able to look at photos on FB with the kids in the evening and see what they had been doing.  Great that you provide afternoon tea.  I like the variety in the activities overall ie. animals, craft, sport, food etc.  I also like that you can book in the day before, so don't need to plan too far ahead - Bridget, Summer 2016/17 holidays
  • Good variety of options in regards to activities, outings for children on a regular basis that enrich their holiday experience - Abigail, Summer 2016/17 holidays
  • It’s great there are so many daily options to choose from to keep all your kids happy – Victoria, October 2016 holidays
  • Good range of activities, great staff, easy to book and long hours – Zia, October 2016 holidays
  • Parnell Trust always offers a great range of programmes, from younger kids who just want to play and do crafts, to older kids that need something more physical and "out-and-about" activities. It's my go-to programme when the holidays come along. It can be more expensive than other providers, but at least my son has an "output" that he can be proud and excited about in the end, rather than just having spent the day on the iPad and watching YouTube – Orlando, July 2016 holidays
  • You and your children are in good hands with Parnell Trust Holiday Programme – Aaron, July 2016 holidays
  • Well run, good hours and good variety of activities to choose from – Marie, July 2016 holidays
  • Kids have a good time and the staff are very friendly – Cilla, July 2016 holidays
  • Great range of activities and streams of adventure each day – Karen, July 2016 holidays
  • The kids have a great time and there is a variety of programs to keep them busy – Tracey, April 2016 holidays
  • Targeted training for the benefit and enjoyment of my boy. Will definitely send him again – Angie, April 2016 holidays
  • Very reliable for parents and fun for kids – Maria, April 2016 holidays
  • Well run and caring staff. It is all about the staff – Josie, Summer 2015/16 holidays
  • Great friendly staff. Good activity options for on site, off site and other more advanced options for the older kids. No TV's or devices on site was a huge plus for me. We were at the Parnell site and it was clean, tidy and super organized. I was very happy leaving my son in their care and it was great to see him on pick up happy and not wanting to leave! – Patricia, Summer 2015/16 holidays
  • Good range of activities, well organised, friendly staff – Leanne, Summer 2015/16 holidays
  • Very well run and great things for kids to do – Margaret, Summer 2015/16 holidays
  • The level of care and attention is high. I feel safe leaving my daughter there. Activities are educational not just babysitting – Lee, Summer 2015/16 holidays
  • A lot of activities, fun for kids , good staff – Evgeniya, Summer 2015/16 holidays
  • Good, dependable program and more importantly my kids enjoy going there. Very good staff – Indira, Summer 2015/16 holidays
  • Emma loved going to holiday program and I was impressed by the quality of the staff – Andrew, Summer 2015/16 holidays
  • The children come home having had a good range of activities available to them, tired from good amounts of physical activity and happy with the way staff and other children interact with them - worth the extra money over other holiday programmes – Rachael, Summer 2015/16 holidays