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Auckland's best School Holiday Programmes for 5 - 14 year olds! 

Every holidays, Parnell Trust's Programmes for Children create an amazing line-up of activities, adventures and special projects for the holidays. Your kids will have a blast with us!



April Action Programme Coming Soon...


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Epsom Normal Primary School is having the hall painted over the April holidays so our main programme will be held at our Parnell Site.

Epsom Normal Primary School will still be used as a drop off and pick up point from The House. Children will be bussed to our Parnell site between 8.30-9am and return to Epsom by 3pm daily.

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1. Club House:
Amazing on-site activities or outings to nearby places. All ages.

Week 1: 14-17 April
Details coming soon...

Week 2: 20-24 April
Details coming soon...



Adventure seeker.png

2. Adventure Seekers:
Fun trips around Auckland. All ages.

Week 1: 14-17 April
Details coming soon...

Week 2: 20-24 April
Details coming soon...


Parents and kids love our holiday programmes


More activity options every day for 5-14 year olds
Choose from two activities every day, priced from $55. You're sure to be something just perfect for your child*.

  • Club House: on-site fun at Parnell and Epsom 
  • Adventure Seekers: exhilarating adventures out and about Auckland

*Children are placed in compatible age groups to ensure they have the best time in all our activities.


Longer hours:  7.30am - 6pm
Our longer hours are great for working parents - drop your children off at the location you've selected as early as 7.30am and collect them as late as 6pm.


The best care for your kids
We take the best care of your children. Most of our staff are trainee primary school teachers and all our programmes meet Department of Child, Youth and Family Services standards. We've had years of holiday programme experience and have well-developed systems and procedures in place to ensure excellent care. For all our activities and at all times we ensure there are staff qualified in First Aid treatment.


Water Safety
On all our offsite programme activities we have a minimum of one staff member for every eight children. Whenever we take children anywhere near water - to pools or beaches - we increase our staff numbers so we have one member of staff for every five children.


Subsidies available
Parnell Trust's programmes are accredited by the Ministry of Social Development, so subsidies are available.



Two locations to choose from:
Parnell & Epsom

location change for april programme.png


Epsom Normal Primary School is having the hall painted over the April holidays so our main programme will be held at our Parnell Site.

Epsom Normal Primary School will still be used as a drop off and pick up point from The House.

Children will be bussed to our Parnell site between 8.30-9am and return to Epsom by 3pm daily.


Queen Victoria House
Glanville Community Campus

27 Glanville Terrace, Parnell

Site Map of Glanville Community Campus, Parnell

2020.02 queen vic map crop.png

Map to 27 Glanville Terrace, Parnell



The House
Epsom Normal Primary School

41 The Drive, Epsom

Site Map of Epsom Normal Primary School

2020.02 enps the house map crop.png

Map to 41 The Drive, Epsom


Enrol your child

Please enrol your child online BEFORE bringing your child to us for any activity.


Programme hours

Drop your children off with us as early as 7.30am and pick them up as late as 6pm at no extra charge.

Sign In times: 7.30 - 9.00am 
Please be sure to drop your child/ren off at the location you chose when you enrolled them.

Parents/caregivers are required to personally deliver children to the programme location they enrolled them at, and to sign in each child.

In previous programmes we have bussed children enrolled at our Parnell location to Epsom Normal Primary School for Club House activities. Over April 2020, the hall at Epsom Normal Primary School is being painted so children enrolled at Epsom will be bussed to our Parnell site. The bus departs at 9.15am, so please have your children with us by 9am. Children will be returned to The House at Epsom Normal Primary School by 3pm (unless otherwise advised).  

If a child is enrolled and unaccounted for by 9.00am, our Missing Child Policy is put into action and parents/caregiver, then Police if necessary, will be notified.  


Sign Out times: 4.00 - 6.00pm 

Please pick up your children from the location they were enrolled in and dropped off at.

Children must be signed out by the parent or caregiver.  Children will only be released to people authorised on the enrolment form or as notified by a parent. In these instances photo ID may be requested.

Late collection 
Please pick up your children on time. A penalty charge of $15 per family will apply for each 15 minutes (or part there of) you're late after 6pm.


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Child's back-pack check list

Your kids are going to have a wonderful time with us these holidays! We've got lots of energetic, fun outdoor activities lined up so please make sure your child comes to us with everything they'll need each day...

Gear for special activities
Please take note of special requests for things to bring or wear for some activities. These are detailed in bold in the day's activity description.

  • Socks and / or closed shoes are a MUST for a number of activities
  • Togs, towel and hat for water activity days
  • Appropriate clothing and/or footwear for On the Move and Adventure Seeker activities.
  • We also advise when children may want to bring extra money for some activities e.g. for movie treats or ice skating frames.


Make sure your child has appropriate clothing and footwear for the days weather and activities. We recommend naming your child's clothing, bag and other items.

  • Pack wet weather gear  if theres a chance of rain
  • A change of clothes is needed in some activities (and we always recommend sending younger children along with a change of clothes if there might be a chance of a toileting accident).
  • Suitable footwear for walking or for whatever special activity is involved e.g. sports shoes.
  • Some Club House activities are themed and kids can dress up.

Unless a lunch is included as part of the day's activity, as detailed in the day's programme, please pack:

  • a water bottle
  • food for morning tea, and
  • a BIG lunch, as children get hungry!

We provide a light snack for afternoon tea. 

We are a nut-free programme  and would appreciate if you did not include nuts in your child's lunch for the safety of any children with allergies.

Sun protection
Please pack sun block and sun hats for sunny days and outdoor activities. On sunny days please put sun block on your child before dropping them off. We have regular sun block top-up sessions on sunny days!

We recommend that any valuable items are left at home unless specifically requested. Parnell Trust takes no responsibility for any money or personal belongings your child may bring.


Wet weather plans

In the event of wet weather, we will continue the activity if there is light rain, but will have alternative plans in place for heavy rain or severe weather conditions and will advise parents/caregivers of any changes.

Enrolment info

Parents/caregivers enrol children in our School Holiday Programme online here


Holiday activities are paid online as part of the booking process by debit or credit card. 

The name 'Parnell Trust' will appear on cardholder statements. Please note a credit/debit card transaction fee of $2.50 will be added to your total.

If you require a WINZ subsidy please email us  at before selecting your activities.

Website security
Our enrolment form is fully secured and compliant with Payment Card Industry standards. Find out more here.



Terms, Conditions and Policies*

Fees are payable in advance. Fees are not refundable including absence and sickness.

Cancellations & Refunds

Fees are charged based on enrolment, not attendance.

Fees are NOT refundable for absence or sickness as all staffing, resources, buses and activities have been finalised

If your child is not able to attend for any reason, advance notice of the absence is required, in writing. Refunds will only be made if absences / cancellations are received by 1pm on the Thursday of the preceding week. Each absence must be separately advised. 

During the School Holiday Programme, a chosen activity might be swapped for another if there are spaces available and the request to change activities is made by 1pm on the Thursday of the preceding week. The parent/caregiver will be invoiced for any difference in the cost of the revised activity.

Please note: it may not be possible for a child to swap activities on the day if the alternative activity’s numbers are restricted or if our child-to-staff ratios would be exceeded.


Late collection 

Please pick up your children on time. A penalty charge of $15 per family will apply for each 15 minutes (or part there of) you're late after 6pm.

Enrolment Contract

By enrolling your child in our programme you and Parnell Trust make a binding agreement regarding the care of your child.

By signing the Enrolment Contract, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our Policies, Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them.  (Payment must be made in full before your child is accepted in the programme.)

Where activities accept only a limited number of children, enrolment will be on a first-come first-served basis. Your child's place in our programme is not guaranteed until you have received written confirmation from us by email or letter.

Photography and Social Media
The parent/caregiver signing the Enrolment Contract gives permission for their child to be photographed/filmed by staff. Any such photographs/film clips may be used by Parnell Trust for promotional purposes only, including adding photographs/videos to our Programmes for Children Facebook page.  Activity providers sometimes ask permission to use images or videos of the children and, if this occurs, permission will be requested from parents/caregivers before this is allowed.

Health & Safety Policies 

Please inform us on our online enrolment form if your child has any medical, health or special needs.

Transport arrangements 
Depending on the nature of the programme children may be transported by chartered bus, catch a public bus, travel by taxi van or walk to their destination.

We bus Club House children from our Parnell location to Epsom Normal Primary School. Our bus leaves at 9.15am. Children are returned to our Parnell location at 3.30pm, ready for collection late in the afternoon.

Should your child need to be transported from the site in an emergency situation, our Transport Policy will be adhered to by staff.

Access arrangements for your child must be detailed on the Enrolment Contract. Please inform the Manager of any safety or custody issues that may affect your child's wellbeing and security.

In the event of an accident, the parent/caregiver signing the Enrolment Contract authorises programme staff to obtain medical assistance as may be deemed necessary.

Our Sun Safe policy requires you to provide your child with his or her own named hat.

CYF Guidelines are followed should an allegation or suspicion of child abuse occur.


Behaviour Management Policy

All children will be supported and respected while attending our programme. We manage children's behaviour in a positive but firm manner. Where a child or group of children's behaviour threatens the safety and/or enjoyment of other programme participants or members of the general public, the child or children may be withdrawn from the programme and the responsible parent/caregiver contacted to collect their child from the programme. This procedure is most likely to be initiated where a child repeatedly disrespects the direction given by staff.

Parnell Trust has a zero tolerance policy against bullying. Staff will implement our Anti-Bullying Policy and Procedures if bullying is identified.

No refund will be given if a child is withdrawn from the programme for disruptive behaviour.


* Copies of our various policies are available at our office and at each school holiday programme site.



Please contact our Programmes for Children Administrator if you have any questions. Phone 09 555 5194 or email for assistance.


We welcome and encourage feedback and communication from parents, caregivers and children. We take complaints seriously and will respond to these. Our Complaints Policy is on display at all sites.